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This site aims to make you learn your irregular verbs in English as quickly and easily as possible. As a member, you can give specific parameters for review. You have a choice between 4 levels: Secondary school, High school, Higher school and personalized level. The list of verbs the corresponding levels is given here. You can choose that known verbs (the validated verbs) are not asked to you more. You can define the number of validations to be carried out so that it is asked to you more. It happens sometimes that one hesitates over a verb, and that by chance one put the good solution, but the time according to one is mistaken, then one remakes just and the verb is validated. To avoid that, you can define to give the number of validations of a verb to zero when you make an error on a verb.

Technical operation of the website

For those which wish knowledge how I conceived this website..., it is lodged on free. Side waiter, it functions under PHP coupled to apache for dynamic pages, a base of MySQL data to safeguard information necessary to the operation of the website. Side customer, I preferred the xhtml, css, Javascript. MyVerbs it is more than 3.000 lines of code php and Javascript. I tried to make a website compatible with the majority of the navigator, i.e. whom it can function without css nor Javascript for the majority of the pages. I recommend nevertheless to use the navigator firefox, a software which replaces Internet to explore. Firefox is the advantage of being made safe more, it is of aillor used by approximately 25% of the Net surfers.

Appropriations English pronunciation of the verbs

Free audio base irregular verbs, you can download this package at the following address:
The contents of this collection is distributed under license Creative Commons Attribution 2.0. You can find more information about this license on:
The audio recording was done with the program "Shtoka Recorder" licensed under GPL and available at the following address:
Copyright© 2007 Alyson Heimer, Flora Bouillaguet, Charles Bouillaguet, Nicolas Vion

Appropriations French pronunciation of the verbs

An immense thank you with Clémence Flèche who agreed to record the pronunciation of the verbs. It is thus its marvellous voice which you hear. It is currently coed in Lyon, it likes much the languages, the guys and euh the remainder does not look at you!

The author of this website

I am currently student with the ESISAR, a school of engineers located on Valence (26). I initially designed a page so that I revise my irregular verbs, I put it on my website perso. Indicator whom the service interested more people than I did not think, I decided to make a website mutilangue (English, Spanish, German,... to come soon) so that everyone can benefit from it. If you have remarks to make me, you can leave me a message via the gold book. You can to also speak me on the instantaneous transport suggested by meebo (if I am connected).

Appropriations images

Major the part of the icons of this website are under licence Creative Commons. Their author is Mark James, his website is accessible to the following address: www.famfamfam.com.


Thanks to the young growth for the e-learning emob which published a post on MyVerbs.
Thanks to Thomas Carlton for his help. Visit his famous website: AnglaisPod.
Thanks to Martine Jaudeau from Thot who published a post on MyVerbs.


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